101 Non GMO Foods – US Edition 2014-

If you hate GMO foods, can you afford to ignore this super-practical Non GMO foods shopping guide to eating Non-GMO AND Healthier every day? –

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Get a quick snapshot of every Non GMO food

Our goal is to give you all this information without causing you stress and information overload; and so you will find this Non GMO foods ebook presents all of the rich information in an easily readable, color coded format. If something about the food is really bad ( as in high sugar in a dessert), we call that out in red. The good stuff is called out in green, and the somewhat-bad or something-to-be-watchful-about is spelled out in orange.

Thus you will find that it is so easy to get a snapshot of each product that even your kid will get it, and love it! Why this book is a must-have if you want to eat healthier foods For each product, we give you the following:

  • Allergen Info: This will show you which of the eight common allergens this food is free from. So you know exactly what is in this food.
  • Diet Info: This will show you color-coded information; green is good for you; orange is the bad, so eat these foods with awareness and care; and reds are the Ugly, and it is best to watch your intake of these. For example, vegan or vegetarian is shown in green; low fiber is orange; lastly if the food has downright unhealthy trans fats, high sugar, high sodium etc, it will show up in red.

We have made every attempt to bring you foods with minimal orange and red elements. Awesome! Check out more on Amazon, and buy the Kindle version there: http://amzn.to/2lkj6jx



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