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If you hate GMO foods, can you afford to ignore this super-practical Non GMO foods shopping guide to eating Non-GMO AND Healthier every day?

Millions of Americans are wary of GMOs in their food, and would like to avoid them, or at least know if it is in their food. The reality is that in America, GMO foods are the norm in every day, supermarket foods. Abundant, cheap and highly-subsidized foods (by the US government) like corn, soy, sugar beets have seeped into almost all highly processed foods. The hugely popular brands that you see lining supermarket shelves – colorful, highly attractive packages from beloved and trusted brands, with bold claims of All-Natural, Healthy, Heart-healthy are very likely GMO-ridden, and you may not know it at all. If you are determined to avoid GMO in your and your family’s food, you will have to be constantly vigilant, and an obsessed label-reader, and on your toes every waking minute.

We take out the stress and hassle of shopping Non GMO foods for you

So you agree that shopping and eating healthy in today’s environment is intense, stressful, and demanding of time and energy. The reality is, most of us simply do not have the time, energy and resources to be always this vigilant. And that’s where this Non GMO foods shopping guide can help you – a comprehensive and handpicked selection of 101 GMO free foods from our database of thousands of foods.

Eat Non GMO foods AND healthier foods:

Also the Non-GMO or GMO-Free label may go the way of the Gluten Free label, with the exploding popularity of Non GMO foods! Gluten free foods have, for the past few years, become hugely popular with consumers thinking ‘Gluten Free = Healthy’. It did not take long for manufacturers to realize that a big and bold GLUTEN FREE label could really boost their sales. So now we have a whole array of food products in the marketplace that are Gluten Free, but hardly healthy – with loads of sodium or sugar or flavors, for example.
The same holds true for the Non-GMO label. Most consumers today equate non GMO foods with HEALTHY, but you, the consumer, will need to apply your filters here too. After all, you may be avoiding gmo foods, but getting some other junk in your food anyway. With this grocery guide ebook, we have done the heavy-lifting for you. We have created this foods list so that you get not only Non GMO foods, but also ones with none, or a minimum of unhealthy elements.

Wide selection of Non GMO foods

This Non GMO foods shopping guide ebook offers you 101 foods including whole foods, snacks, breakfast foods, beverages, meals, kitchen and cooking supplies, desserts, and more. This list will help you select just the right foods for your needs – whether you are looking for cookies, nuts, seeds or bars; waffles, cereal or spreads and dips, granola or bread; juice, healthy drinks, or dairy and dairy alternatives; cooking supplies like pasta, spices and seasonings, sauces, flours and mixes; broth, grains, sweeteners; soups and dessert. With such a wide selection, you will find the right Non GMO food that meets your needs, whether it is for everyday foods, or for the special, occasional treat.

Super handy and practical Non GMO foods shopping guide:

You may also find that several Non GMO food shopping guides online give you a long list of Non GMO foods; but you will also notice that a large number of these products are so very hard to find in your local supermarket or grocery store. That is not very useful either. After all, as a consumer, you want the ability to buy these foods every day for your needs, quickly and painlessly, right?

That’s what we figured! And so our Non GMO shopping guide lists foods that are easily available across the US. Chances are high you will find these foods in your local supermarket or health food store. And if you can’t find the food locally, we also provide a link alongside most products in our list – this list will take you to the FoodSniffr website, where you can read any updates about this particular product, as well as find a direct link to buy it on Amazon. How easy and useful is that!

Pick just the right Non GMO food for your needs

We understand that we all have individual needs. So while you may want to buy Non GMO foods for your family, you may also need it to be gluten free for your daughter; or you may need vegetarian or vegan for yourself or your family. We call out all this information for every product – many products in this list are gluten free, vegan or vegetarian.

Not only this, we also call out if a certain product has high sodium or high sugar (didn’t we tell you that simply because a product is Non GMO does not make it healthy?). You can then make the call of whether that food is right for you, and if and how often you can consume it. Yes, we break it down for you – the good, the bad, and the ugly in each product.

Get a quick snapshot of every Non GMO food

Our goal is to give you all this information without causing you stress and information overload; and so you will find this Non GMO foods ebook presents all of the rich information in an easily readable, color coded format. If something about the food is really bad ( as in high sugar in a dessert), we call that out in red. The good stuff is called out in green, and the somewhat-bad or something-to-be-watchful-about is spelled out in orange. Thus you will find that it is so easy to get a snapshot of each product that even your kid will get it, and love it!

Carry it everywhere

And did we tell you that this Non GMO foods ebook is yours in both epub and pdf format? You can carry it with you everywhere – on your mobile phone or tablet or laptop. That’s a huge convenience! Think about it – if you have it loaded on your mobile phone or tablet, you have it as a trusted guide every time you go to the grocery store or supermarket – refer it to find the better-for-you foods, and to avoid the nasty ones. Wouldn’t you love that?

Quit stressing over Non GMO labels every waking minute

This Non GMO foods shopping guide gives you a quick, very very practical and usable way to eat Non-GMO and healthier every day. This means that you do not have to be stressing and super-vigilant every moment of every day (we do still urge you to quickly look up, on the actual package, the ingredients on unfamiliar or infrequently bought foods, since ingredients may change). FoodSniffr has done several levels of ‘sniffing’ for you already, so you can be more at peace, and spend time on other important things in your life.

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