Avocado Oil, Refined-Spectrum

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Score: 8/10

Manufacturer: Spectrum

Spectrum’s Avocado Oil is a high heat wonder, with rich stores of monounsaturated fat. We coax the oil from the fruit by cold pressing, then gently refine it using natural methods to create a clean, fresh oil that’s a perfect match for high heat cooking., This oil is best for high heat applications like sautxe9ing, frying and all-purpose cooking. Excellent for skin care and massage., High Heat Up To 450F


100% Expeller Pressed Naturally Refined Avocado Oil.

Allergen Info: 

gluten free , lactose free , dairy free , peanut free , treenut free , corn free , soy free , egg free

Diet Info: 

vegan , vegetarian , yeast free

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