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So You Think You Are Eating Healthy Snacks?

After all, you are buying great-looking packages with the labels ‘low calorie’ and ‘low fat’ and ‘natural’ plastered on them, right? They have got to be healthy, you think. And yet you have mysterious aches and pains all over your body at times, or the blinding headaches, or stomach cramps; there are days, increasingly frequent, when you don’t want to climb out of bed because you are so exhausted. And like so many of us, you think it is because of the extra stress at work, or the rush and tear of taking care of the kids, and your ailing aunt. You rarely consider that it could be the food you are eating, but isn’t that blazingly obvious? It is one of the top things you must consider when you are not working and living at your very best.

Truth is most of us do not really know our foods, or even have an understanding of what’s healthy. Does a food become healthy simply by virtue of being low calorie or low fat. No, of course not. If the food is made up of junk or unhealthy ingredients, it can’t do you much good. Or if it contains trans fat (even if the nutritional label may tell you it has 0 trans fat), or it has hidden MSG, or a zillion other things that make modern processed food so challenging for healthy eaters.

If you care to be healthy and fit, and look your very best, the brutal truth is that you cannot afford to eat a large number of the snacks that you see on the grocery store shelves. This ebook of 10 handpicked, healthy snacks gives you the power to choose wisely, saving you both money and your health.

Crack The Code With This Ebook – 10 Best Healthy Snacks Without Gmo, Junk Or Chemicals!

This practical ebook of 10 healthy snacks will save you from the endless decision-making involved in eating clean, healthier food. And it will save you money as you will be spared the trial and error of buying healthy snacks that are terrible for you but you don’t know it. Eating healthier will make you and your family stronger as you are no longer pounding your body with chemicals, colors, flavors and worse. This powerful little ebook gives you a handy list of 10 snacks – all free from junk, colors, and preservatives. We have included cookies, bars, fruit snacks, and more. You will see a detailed analysis of what’s in each food; further, all this information is provided in a simple, color-coded manner so that even a kid would understand it!

This tiny ebook packs a whopper, and helps you get past the dirty tricks of the food industry. This list is your secret source to stock up on cleaner, healthier snacks for work, or for kids, or for anytime. The sweet snacks will make you feel less guilty since they are gmo free and junk free, whereas the healthy salty snacks will thrill you. Make every penny you spend at the grocery store work FOR you, not AGAINST you!

That’s not all. This ebook can be carried with you wherever you go, on your tablet or mobile phone. So the next time you are at the grocery store or supermarket, you can simply open it up for reference!

How We Have Picked These Healthy Snack Foods

This healthy snacks list was selected from FoodSniffr’s database of thousands of ‘sniffed’ foods. This was no easy task, as we wanted to pick very clean, real food snacks, and yet foods that would appeal to most eaters. The 10 food products you see listed in this collection are:

  • Clean, real food, and healthier snacks
  • No junk, no gmo, no trans fats, or high fructose corn syrup
  • Many gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options.
  • Easy to find in American supermarkets, health food stores, or online on Amazon.
  • This ebook is a US edition; all the products listed in this ebook are easily available in the US; however, we are not aware if the listed food products are available outside the US.

How To Use This Ebook To Supercharge Your Grocery Shopping

Make this book your source for daily inspiration as you go about grocery shopping for healthy and clean snacks to buy.

For each product, we give you the following:

  • Allergen Info: This will show you which of the eight common allergens this food is free from. So you know exactly what is in this food.
  • Diet Info: This will show you color-coded information; green is good for you; orange is the bad, so eat these foods with awareness and care; and reds are the Ugly, and it’s best to watch your intake of these. For example, vegan or vegetarian is shown in green; low fiber is orange; lastly if the food has downright unhealthy trans fats, high sugar, high sodium etc, it will show up in red. We have made every attempt to bring you foods with minimal orange and red elements. Awesome!
  • Ingredients: This section shows you the full list of ingredients in any product. We have also included a note here to alert you to the fact that food ingredients may change, and so it is best to read food labels on the actual package before consuming.
  • Nutrition Info: Where available, we list out the nutrition label here for you.
  • FoodSniffr Sniffs: This shows you the Good, the Bad, the Ugly that we have found in this product. This will help you decide if this product is for you or not. Cool, right?
  • Manufacturers Description: This is just what the name implies.
  • Get Coupons: We also give you a direct link to get all manufacturer coupons, when available. Who doesn’t like to save money, right?
  • Buy Near You: Click on this link in any of the products in this ebook, and you will find a store locator. Find a store near you quick and easy!
  • Learn more and buy online: The last section points you to this product’s page at Make it a point to visit this page to learn of any new information we may have found. This link will also allow you to buy this product from or Walmart with a click of a button.

What People Are Saying

I am so glad I bought this smart little list of healthy snacks. For the past few weeks, I have stopped buying snacks based on my whims (or those of my kids); instead, I restrict snacks to the ones shown in this ebook and some other clean ones. Gosh, there is a visible improvement in my teenage daughter’s behavior (fewer tantrums and fights) as well as school grades. I myself feel a surge in energy now that I have stopped eating the junk snacks I was buying. Definitely get this ebook, it’s a small investment with a big payoff! – Tenisha Klinge

The stress at work was killing me, or so I thought. Little did I know it was the terrible snacks I had stashed away in my drawer that were the enemy. What’s worse is there were days when I would skip lunch and survive on the unhealthy (in hindsight, I know this) chips and cookies and bars. No wonder at 32, I was starting to show gray hairs, and a paunch!! My family were horrified to see me on my last visit home – I looked weary and beaten, and so out of shape, despite the gym. A friend mentioned this ebook, and I thought, what the heck, let me give it a try. I try and stick to the savory. non sugary snacks listed in the book, and generally eat healthier – a good breakfast and lunch are the norm now for the last 4 weeks. Healthy eating works, I can vouch for that. There is a spring in my step, and my boss says I frown less and work better 🙂 Get this ebook, you will see the difference as you avoid all the usual junk in grocery foods. – Mitch Fry

This ebook is gold – a simple list of 10 healthy snacks. I used to live on energy bars till a month ago – with my busy college schedule, bars seemed like a good way to fill up, and inexpensive too. I did suffer from blinding headaches and cramps and bloating so often, but pinned it down to other issues. Since sticking to the snacks listed in this ebook, I feel much much better – haven’t had those nasty headaches for almost 2 weeks now. I also now know exactly what I am consuming: is it high sugar, does it have GMO (all the snacks listed in this ebook as Non-GMO, so no worries there), any MSG or flavors or colors. I am certainly going to continue eating this way, haven’t felt so good since I cut out all the bad snacks from my life. My skin glows, those loose flapping muscles have firmed up. Couldn’t ask for more. – Minerva Waldrep

Use The Pro Tips In This Ebook To Start Feeling Great And Looking Fabulous!

So go ahead and download it right now to start feeling great today. You really don’t need to muddle along in the dark, and learn the cost of unhealthy eating the hard way. Start putting your healthy eating plan into action now with the help of this healthy snacks list today. And when your friends and family compliment you on how stunning you look, why not share the love and your secret weapon with them!



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