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Darkest Dark Chocolate. Cacao has been celebrated for centuries throughout Mexican, Central and South American cultures due to its delicious taste and exceptional nutritional profile. Aztecs once used cacao beans as currency in ancient times. Several Mayan rituals, festivals and celebrations have been devoted to honoring cacao, and its Latin name translates to u2018Food of the Gods’. Inspired by the aphrodisiac and stimulating effects of cacao, Aztec marriage ceremonies were known to involve the divine fruit.. Cacao beans are the seeds of the tropical cacao fruit. They are about the size of an almond and the taste is rich, creamy and full of cacao’s complex flavor notes that range from berry to coffee. Pure cacao beans are an excellent source of nutritious antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can boost your energy levels and may help to keep your immune system functioning at an optimal level. In addition to being a culinary favorite, the sustainable cacao industry is a good choice for the planet – offering an alternative to destruction of the rainforests by logging. Shade-grown cacao from biodiverse tropical havens creates income for farmers without compromising the natural resources. The tropical trees naturally withstand flooding and drought, demonstrating a safe choice for growers facing climate change. Approximately 70% of the world’s cacao is produced by small landholders who are farming in the center of great biodiversity. These farmers are important stewards of the Earth and helping to empower them has a ripple effect on the health of the planet.


Certified organic cacao (theobroma cacao). Allergen Information: Packaged in a facility that also handles tree nuts.

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gluten freeC , lactose free , dairy free , peanut free , soy free , egg free

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non gmo , organic , vegan , vegetarian , yeast free

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