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The Authentic Foods Maple Sugar is made from pure, natural maple syrup. We took the water out and left the nutrients in!The maple sugar is a healthier alternative to sugars such as refined white sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar, honey, etc. It can be used in regular baking and can also be used to make candy, maple syrup, frostings and much more.A little bit of science about Authentic Foods Maple Sugar:In your baked goods, maple sugar will add extra volume and increase the moisture. You will notice that when you replace sugar with maple sugar, your dough will be a bit thicker. Do not worry! Maple Sugar will change to liquid form with heat. It then captures the expelling gas, thus adding more volume to your finished product. Upon cooling, the maple sugar stays in liquid form to add moisture to your baked goods. Most other sugars with also change to liquid form with heat, but will become solid again when cooled, resulting in dryer baked goods.To improve your baked goods using maple sugar in a recipe, use the following ratio:1/3 cup of maple sugar = 1 cup of granulated sugar (ratio = 1 maple sugar: 3 granulated sugar)


maple sugar

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gluten freeC , lactose free , dairy free , peanut free , treenut free , soy free , egg free

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non gmo , vegan , vegetarian , low fat , low saturated fat , no trans fat , low sodium , low carb , low fiber , low protein , yeast free , sweeteners

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